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What We Do

What We Do To Support The Arts

The Foundation awards grants and bursaries in support of excellence, innovation, diversity and community involvement. The work of the foundation is supported through the active participation of volunteers, membership fees, donations and corporate sponsorships, with additional funding from government programs and the Vancouver Foundation Endowment Fund. All monies received by the Peninsula Arts Foundation go directly to the grants program, and all directors on the Board are volunteers.


“The Gift” by Robert Davidson – photo: ©

The Arts In Our Community

The arts are one of the best ways we create something special for ourselves.  A community which encourages the development of good music and dance, quality design, exciting drama and provocative presentation is one worth supporting.  The arts help us to see and understand the world – as it is and as it might be.  Appreciation for the arts, developed in youth can become a lifelong pursuit.  Can you imagine a world without it?

photos: ©

Recent Photos

Cheyenne Christopherson Booth at 2014 Sea Festival Mike Sheeshka Performing PAF Silk Scarf Workshop May 2013 87 PAF Silk Scarf Workshop May 2013 101 PAF Silk Scarf Workshop May 2013 64 PAF Silk Scarf Workshop May 2013 29 String wrapped silk blue green PAF Silk Scarf Workshop May 2013 79


An organization like ours relies on memberships and donations. We encourage you to support the Peninsula Arts Foundation. Your membership and donations do make a difference.

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