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Elizabeth Keeling

Established in 1983 as the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, the organization was formed to reflect the passion and commitment of Elizabeth Keeling, a long-time White Rock resident, dedicated to furthering arts and culture within the community.

The foundation has been run for 30 years by volunteer directors who have devoted many hours to continue the work of Elizabeth Keeling.

Many of the foundation’s retired directors have remained active members and we appreciate their continued support.  We would like to thank all of our previous directors for their service.

Past Directors

  • Mary Bailey
  • Lilian Beech
  • Jack Beech
  • Winifred Bracher
  • Norman Brown
  • Brian Clinker
  • Gloria Clinker
  • Patricia Dobbyn
  • Lorraine Ellenwood
  • Karen Ellerback
  • D’Arcy Furness
  • Godfrey Gower
  • Lorna Graham
  • Sally Hemming
  • Stan Hoefle
  • Allan Hogg
  • Kathy Hollingshead
  • Roy Jelly
  • Elizabeth Keeling
  • Ellen Kennett
  • Joyce Kennett
  • Howard Kennett
  • Claudine King
  • Marilyn Knoch
  • Jessica Lee
  • Brenda Leroux
  • Beth Leullier
  • Gale Lindenthaler
  • Joe Marshall
  • Helen McIntosh
  • Dale McIntyre
  • Leslie McLeod
  • Carol Monaghan
  • Elizabeth Nordlund
  • Claude Romaine
  • Pearl Scott
  • Lorraine Setter
  • Marilyn Shermann
  • Dorothy Slaughter
  • Alison Smith
  • Elvina Stewart
  • Catherine Stuart
  • Florence Sully
  • Christine Watson
  • Scott Wheeler

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Recent Photos

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An organization like ours relies on memberships and donations. We encourage you to support the Peninsula Arts Foundation. Your membership and donations do make a difference.

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